ELKODA Softwares

Since 1984 we have developed the ELKODA-products for computer registration and documentation of Phone-/Computer-network and security systems. The Program is available in several versions (see below) and for different types of users, and in some licensetyps - Singel-license, Object-license or as a Network-license. We are selling these products both directly to end users and through our partners.

  • The Singel-license comes with one USB-key that must be attached to the singel user computer, and supports any number of Objects.

  • The Object-license is for the Facility managments or Property owners - included is one object and any number of users, plus viewerprogram and a extension-modul.

  • The Network-licensen comes with one USB-key preprogramed for your number of users, this key is attached to a server in your local network, and also supports any number of Objects.


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