Basic course

March 24–25... 

Basic course

March 24–25... 

Our history

Elkoda Elektrokonsult Data AB - Founded in 1984 by Mr. Bert Wäring and Mr. Magnus Elgåker, with the goal of developing a general software for computer-controlled telephone Registration and Documentation of customer premises networks.

The first object that was documented fully with Elkoda Tele Comp, as the program was called at that time, Jönköping County Central Hospital, later Ryhov County Hospital. The program Elkoda Tele Comp, which was DOS based, was sold in hundreds of licenses, both for entrepreneurs and managers.

Some of the more famous objects that used Elkoda Tele Comp: Bankhouse 90 - SE-Bank's house in Rissne, LM Ericson properties in Stockholm, Locum - the majority of hospitals in Stockholm, Volvo Aero in Trollhättan ... Yes - the list could have been much longer.

In the early nineties came so Mr. Thomas Carlsson into the company, as the first point he adapted the program for networking, refined several software components including schemas module and printing. Next came 1997 a version designed for Windows-97.

So just before the turn of the century Mr. Thomas Carlsson joined as a part owner with Bert Waring, and the work with a real Windows version started, it was eventually named: ELKODA 2000

In the middle of the decade came the smaller versions: ELKODA 1000 and ELKODA 500. Shortly after this Mr. Nilsson joined as a part owner, with the idea to replace Bert who was approaching retirement, and today is Bert only senior.

At the end of the decade, we acquired the program "Address" from Prevas AB, due to they did not intend to continue with it. All their old clients got a limited time offer of a move to Elkoda, which many chose to do.

Today, we are developing the program's design, features and changes that are released from the Swedish Standard Committee. Also views and ideas from our customers are important to us.



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